Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Pony Party

Our niece turned 6 this week, so this weekend was her birthday party!

I love posting her parties because they are always so unique (like her princess party last year) and we all have so much fun at them.

Both of the BFF cousins have been really into ponies lately, so she had some at her party!

Nice touch with the flowers in the mane, right?

This determined little brother was probably dreaming about taking his horse into a gallop and getting a bad guy.

Everyone loved the ponies.

Oh wait. Except for this guy. He was more comfortable with the WOODEN horse. We tried, believe me, we tried. Doesn't he look sad.

The party package also included face painting, balloon animals and games.

Baby brother, wanted nothing to do with the duck we tried to put on his head. It would have been so cute too.

There was also a pinata!

Valiant efforts were made to break it open.

Have you ever seen kids actually take one down?

Birthday girl's dad had to take care of it.

Where was my son during the pinata? Watching from the living room window, no joke.

He did however partake in the safe bubbles station. And then...

He got on the horse!!! I had to ride too, but boy were we proud of him!

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  1. Paul looks so happy in that last picture! I love it:)



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