Thursday, August 4, 2011

Potty Party

We have been potty training in the Cotter home. This is a dreadful task that all parents must, at some point, face head on. I have yet to find somebody who enjoys this, so if that is you please tell me your secret. For now we try to combat the difficulty by turning the process into a party.

Disclaimer: In an effort to spare my son the embarrassment of one day finding pictures of himself sitting on a potty floating around the internet, we will not be featuring such photos.

The potty party is a one day training method developed by Teri Crane, author of Potty Train Your Child In Just One Day... it's more like one week in the Cotter home, but it's still worth it to me. It's a cold turkey method where they wake up in diapers and by the afternoon they never put another one on.

So we cover the house with plastic tarps.

For a potty party you spend the morning training a doll how to use the potty so your child can learn how the process works. When the doll uses the potty or stays dry everyone gets a treat, so long as they promise to one day use the potty too. Little do they know that today is that day, beginning after their nap.

Pal celebrating his doll "Blue" learning how to be a big boy during Blue's potty party celebration at lunch. Blue is sitting with "Blue-Blue" the dog. We really need to teach our child how to come up with more creative names for dolls and stuffed animals. I love the look of excitement on his face.

In the afternoon it was Pal's turn to give the potty a whirl. Pun intended... I just like to point things like that out. After several cups of juice, to maximize training opportunities, Pal too had a celebration party where he received a present and threw away his diapers. Don't worry I grabbed them out of the trash when he wasn't looking. Now I just need to move them out of the kitchen cabinet to a more appropriate storage place.

He did really well on party day, but as you might expect there is some trial and error that follows so my conversations have been limited to:

Me: "Do you need to go potty?"

Pal: "No."

Me: "Are you sure?"

Pal: "No."

We'll get there.

Major props to Kevin for being the "potty coach" who ran the show on party day while Bean and I went out for high tea.


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