Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Final NST Post

Today I went to the FOCUS office for a final NST meeting to wrap up and evaluate the summer, so I felt it was fitting to wrap up NST on the blog as well.

Final thought... NST makes the Cotters holier. 

At no other time can my kids play baseball or eat a meal with men and women who have devoted their lives to Christ as religious sisters, brothers and priests on a daily basis.

At no other time are we able to walk to daily mass or a holy hour.

A summers worth of Bible crafts.

At no other time are my kids going to Bible study three times a week with a bunch of friends.

Sister Mariella, one of my former residents at Benedictine.

At no other time do we get to catch up with some of our friends who have joined religious orders.

Newly ordained Fr. Vince Huber, who Kevin played 
T-ball with when they were little boys.

At no other time are we able to grab confession after grabbing lunch in the cafeteria. 

At no other time are we surrounded by so many young adults with hearts on fire for the Lord and His work.

At no other time do we see our kids grow more in their love of the faith and our love of each other.

Yes, it's crazy eating all of your meals in public. Yes, it's hard to live in a dorm room. Yes, it's exhausting to pack for a 7 week trip. Yes, it's hard to get back in to a schedule once you return. BUT, it's worth it and I'm glad we did it.

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