Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 1st Ever FOCUS Equip Conference

For the past 5 days we had almost 40 student leaders join us at New Staff Training for the 1st ever FOCUS Equip Conference! The aim of the conference was to take these eager students deeper in their faith and role as student missionaries. Kevin, along with his good friend Steve, came up with the idea and FOCUS said, "Great, run with it," so they did.

Look how legit it was too! Steve made a sweet banner...


t-shirts! What's a conference without t-shirts?

This fabulous group are the history makers and guinea pigs of the conference. Some of their comments at the end included: "I don't want to leave," "I wish it were longer," and "This has been amazing."

I think even without the printed items, the conference was legit.

They spent lots of time in class learning all kinds of things from how to deepen your prayer life, to the vision for evangelization (straight from our President, Curtis Martin), to how to be a better bible study leader and discipler (from Steve and Kevin).

For the picture above I told them to look forward and laugh like someone had said something funny, but they weren't the best actors.

There was also tons of time for fun and hanging out with the missionaries. Here they are line dancing at the hootenanny, which also featured a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Then there was the L'Angelus (they'll be main-staging it in Madrid for World Youth Day this summer) concert outside at a nearby bar. They always put on a great show. Some locals who joined in could hardly believe that so many people were having an incredible time at a bar and no one was drunk. Glad we could show them it is possible.

I was also blessed to spend part of Sunday with just the ladies for a talk on authentic femininity and afternoon tea.

And finally before they left they spent a day going through the Bible Timeline with Jeff Cavins. Jeff's visit deserves it's own post, so be looking forward to that!

So they did it! The 1st FOCUS Equip Conference was a success and will likely turn into an annual event. Now we both just need to catch up on some sleep!


  1. Loved this, great to see new ways FOCUS is expanding!! God is blessing you!! Praying for you and your family!!

  2. Wow! Im so envious of your life. I wish my husband and I would've had our heads on straight while we were trying to decide what to do with our lives. Can we, with our 6 children be FOCUS missionaries? We would all love it I know! We are all so on fire for the Lord!!!

  3. Yes, it is possible! We have about 50 married missionaries working on campus, many with kids. Check out: http://www.focusonline.org/site/PageServer?pagename=answer_joinstaff on the FOCUS website.



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